Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to my little sister!

I've been neglectful here. Okay - not to jinx things - but it looks like we've got a house. The seller has accepted our offer. Now we have to deal with the results of the inspection. We found out that the furnace needs to be replaced right away. We knew it needed to be done, but thought we would have a couple of years. We're inclined to ask for some sort of concession, but we don't want to lose the house over it. what to do, what to do, what to do

Work is busy. Next week I leave for a conference. I'm looking forward to that. Time seems to be flying right now!

All in all, life is good.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13, 2006

I need to be talked down. Sometimes I obsess about stuff. Right now - I'm obsessing about my employee who is leaving today. I'm glad she's going. She did a good enough job with her work, but she's the one who told other people about my miscarriage. She has a real tendency to talk about other people's private lives. So - my obsession right now is that I really wish everybody else here knew what she was really like. I hate how nice everyone is being to her because she is leaving. I want her shunned. Don't be taking her to lunch - she's talked about you too. Don't be buying her flowers - do you know how much of your life she's revealed to others? I really want to shout and say "She's not this wonderful person that you all think she is." She's not a horrible person, but if people only knew the truth about her - they would be giving her a wide berth. And I have to sit her silent. If I told people, then I'm just climbing down into her gutter. And I know it is terribly un-Christian of me to wish this - but I can't help it right now. I was wronged and I want some retribution.

I also worry about what she has said about me. I know she was unhappy a few months ago when she wanted more vacation time than I could give her. She's also told some lies in her leaving. She told me and the HR director that she could only give two weeks notice because her new job wanted her to start right away. Lie. She's taking next week off. She told this guy in another department - this union leader that she supposedly does not ever talk to - that she was leaving before she told me. That was just not right. People here have no clue about her. Well - some people do. They knew what she was like before I did.

Oh - and have I mentioned that she dates my husband's cousin? None of said cousin's friends like her. They tell him to drop her on a regular basis. But - he doesn't. And I love my husband's cousin - he's a great guy. So - I have to suck it up and put up with her even after she leaves my office.

I need to get over it. She will get her just desserts. I just wish that I could see it when it happens.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12, 2006

Quick thoughts
- People need to learn to share the sidewalk. Earlier this week, I encountered two women on walking side by side the sidewalk coming towards me. There is only room for two abreast. Instead of one of them stepping aside momentarily, they forced me off the sidewalk. Rude!

- Just when I think I'm getting clear of all the emotional issues with my miscarriage, stuff happens. Monday night it was coming home and finding yet another issue of Fit Pregnancy had arrived. I cancelled that magazine right away. I just couldn't handle it Monday night. You think you are getting stronger and someone kicks you in the gut. Today, it was getting a request from another department at work to make a contribution for a gift to a guy and his wife who are having their first child. Just another kick in the gut seeing that and knowing that it's not going to happen for me.

- Some good stuff - we made an offer on a house yesterday. I'm am excited and nervous. We want this house. It would be such a great house. It needs work - but we are ready for that - looking forward to it even. I'm afraid to get too attached to it yet though - just in case we don't get it.

- The budget is almost done. I always feel so much more relaxed when it's finally put to bed. Of course - this year I have negotiations to deal with and we'll be short handed in the office for a while - but we'll make it.

- The weather is getting nice. I'm getting out for walks most days. Today I will be walking to the convenience store to buy my Powerball tickets!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 6, 2006

Happy Birthday to my cousin Elyce and her husband Tom! Elyce joins the world of 40 somethings today. She is a terrific person. One of those people you enjoy being with. I wish she lived closer.

Life has been hectic. It's budget season at work and we are getting down to the end so I'm really crunching out a lot of work. I can't wait for it to be over! Today has been especially tiring. I had a GFOA meeting that was 1 1/2 hours away. Then I had to leave mid-meeting to be back here to go over some budget stuff with my boss before the meeting tonight. Plus I had to get some stuff ready for the board, so that I can calculate a tax rate on the fly tonight so they can see where they are before the final changes. Plus I've been reviewing how to do the payroll this week since my payroll clerk is leaving next week. Can I say good riddance here? Of course I can - it's my blog! I can say whatever I want!

We are going to look at houses this weekend. I am so excited. Strange as this may seem, I hope we end up with one that is in need of a little work. I want to do that kind of stuff - repainting, stripping wallpaper - make it our house.

At my meeting today, two of my male colleagues told me their wives were expecting. They have no idea of our struggles to have children. It can be so hard to put on that bright happy "oh congratulations" face. I'm adapting to the child free concept, but I don't think I'll ever completely get over not being able to have kids. And it looks like adopting is just not in the cards for financial and emotional reasons.

My great-uncle passed away this week. There's a graveside service tomorrow and I hope I can make it. My mom says that my brother is going. I just hope he doesn't bring his bitch with him. It's my blog - I can call her that here. I suppose I should be a little careful. My nephew is rather computer savvy. I don't think he would find it though - there's no clues to lead him here. I found his blog though. He doesn't know. I've learned some interesting things reading his blog!

Well - I think I am off to go suit shopping before my meeting - and maybe to pick up a quick bite to eat.