Monday, May 22, 2006

May 22, 2006

I'm slacking again. Life has been busy. We're buying a house. I'm still scared something will go wrong - but it's looking good. I actually started packing yesterday. Today I need to write to our landlord and tell her we're leaving. I've started picking paint colors. Nothing is definite yet, but I have ideas.

We went to Montreal for my professional association's annual conference - my first while on the board. My trip there was relatively uneventful - if you don't count the limo being 20 minutes late. Good thing I called and said "where are you" or he would have been later. As we are driving there, he comments on it being an international flight and had I allowed enough time to check in. I start to worry - hadn't really considered Montreal as being international. Silly me - just because I could drive there doesn't make it a local trip. As it turns out, I was fine. I wish I could say the same for dear husband A. A was in Atlantic City for his own conference, taking the train to Philly to then fly to Montreal. I booked it all through United - just told the web site "I want to go from here to there" and let it do its job. Well - computers can't think. They put him on a flight from Philly to NYC to Montreal. Two different planes. Two different airlines. He did not have enough time to collect his baggage, get to the next terminal and check in. He ended up having to fly to Toronto, then to Montreal, arriving at 1:30 in the morning. I must say, he was very even tempered through the whole ordeal.

The conference was fun. I didn't have much time on my own. I had meetings and activities that I had to attend. That was different from me - but very worthwhile. I'm truly enjoying being on the board, meeting some terrific people. There was the incident where I lost my purse and was mildly freaking out (A. may disagree about how mildly) but I found it so all was well. Now I just have to turn in all my receipts and get reimbursed!

Mother's Day was a tough one for me. I was in a serious funk. It didn't help that, while at the conference, yet another colleague told me that he and his wife were expecting. Then I come back to the news that a co-worker's wife had given birth. Am I just more aware of all these pregnancies or is there a baby boom for everyone but me. It's hard sometimes to see pregnant women, especially if they look about as far along as I would have been.

My mom is sick. We don't know what's causing it. She goes for another test tomorrow. She's nauseous all the time. My greatest fear is that her cancer has returned. It's hard too with her being so far away. I can't get up there to help her out right now and probably won't be able to do so for another few weeks. It's frustrating.

It's beautiful weather here today and I'm not going to miss a minute more. I'm off to walk.