Sunday, February 24, 2008

just thoughts

I had my big interview. I think it went well. The Chairman told me I did well. I don't know if he was just being reassuring or if I should take that as a sign. A had been told by someone who has some insight into the process that I was the leading candidate going into this year. If that's true - well - I don't think I've done anything to jeopardize that, but others may have increased their value and passed me out. And in the end, I know it may hinge on factors that have nothing to do with me or with the other candidates. I could get the presidency - or lose it - based on the need to fill the slot with a certain profile.

While A and I were away, it snowed here. Two thoughts come out of that. One - it's great to live in a nice neighborhood where your neighbors clear your sidewalk for you if you can't. Two - always keep a snow brush in your vehicle.

I don't like the little planes where, to look out the window, you have to look down.

Parents should sit with their children on planes instead of sitting together and putting the kids in a separate row.

Charleston, SC is a lovely city. I want to go back.

I've got the best husband in the world. Okay - he's not perfect - but he's pretty darn wonderful. I wouldn't trade him in for anything.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm good at stressing. I can stress over truly stupid things - I'm talking irrational stress. I would say that A has gotten pretty good at handling me when I stress. He is learning when to back off and just let me stress, when to appease me and when to coax me down. Sometimes when I stress, something silly will relieve me and it worsens the stress if I don't get my something silly. But - I know that it is usually better to try to get over the stressor item, but sometimes I think - just do what I want and I'll feel better faster. Friday night, we went to a concert. Our seats were in the nosebleed section. I'm afraid of heights. Welcome high stress levels. It was dark when we went in, so it was hard to see our row number. A had trouble at first getting that I needed to stop looking for the seats and have him find me and guide me there. I could not deal with the stress of finding our seats and being so far up I swear it was only a few steps to heaven. Now - was I rational? Hell no. Could A have resolved it quickly? Hell yes. Was it wise that he didn't? In the long run, I would have to say probably yes.

I've been stressing about an upcoming interview. I've applied to be President of my national professional association. As I was writing this post - just finished the first paragraph - I got a call with bad news. A colleague of mine - someone I really enjoyed - passed away last night. It was not expected. The interview - eh - I see how silly it is to stress over it now. I probably will start again Thursday morning, but right now - if I didn't get it - I'm still here, still have a lot ahead of me. Don's death puts a little perspective on it.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The evil snooze button & Lenten resolutions

I swear - it's meant to torture me. I don't fall asleep as easily or as deeply as A does. So, when he has to get up early and he asks me to set the alarm, I always have a sense of dread. I know what's coming in the morning. The alarm will go off. It wakes me, not him. I nudge him awake. He asks me to hit the snooze button. He will go back to sleep - snoring even. I will lay there, tired, but unable to sleep. About 7 minutes later, we do it again. About 20-30 minutes later, he gets up and I can sleep until my alarm goes off. My extra sleep time though is now down to 15 - 30 minutes.

On another note - it's Lent. I'm not a good church going Catholic anymore, but my religion is still a big part of me. So - what to do for Lent. As kids - it was give something up. For many years as an adult, I would give up chocolate. That is a big deal for me. Can't do that this year. Anyway, in recent years, I have tried to do something more positive. So this year, A & I jointly made a "get fit" resolution for Lent. My plan is to do something good for me fitness wise everyday. By that I mean take a walk, do 20 minutes of pilates, lift weights, stuff like that. I'm also toying with idea of trying to get to work on time as a Lenten resolution. I'm always about 10 minutes late. But - when I have meetings until 10 at night - it's kind of hard to get myself up and in early the next day. We'll see.

I haven't added to my "life list" in a while - but this week, the Giants inspired me. I would like to go to the Super Bowl some year. I should say - I don't necessarily have to go to the game although that would be awesome. I would just like to be in the host city and go to some of the side events to experience some of the hoopla.

Monday, February 04, 2008

No Asterisk Needed!

Giants win the Super Bowl! OMG OMG OMG! Just some rambling thoughts from the game...I screamed when Plaxico caught the winning TD pass, poor A had just chased the dog into the dining room and missed did Eli get out of that did David Tyree make that catch....the defense was incredible....Tom Brady has got to be one hurting puppy today...Parade Tuesday...the Giants have never had a ticker tape parade .....can't say I'm sorry to see Belichick - you trademarked 19-0? hahahahaha hope it cost a lot of about Boss stepping up at tight end after Shockey went Bradshaw incredible or what - they way he wrestled that fumble away from a guy twice his size....was it a good luck omen for former Giants Phillipi Sparks's daughter to sing the national anthem?.....she's good....first call after the game was to my sister that lives and works in Boston....we just screamed on the phone for a bit....I have loved the Giants forever, this is so sweet, so sweet.....Strahan and Toomer will get their rings, I'm glad....Coughlin smiled!....Osi Umenyura is funny - and good...figures Plaxico would catch the winning TD, the guy always contributes...and how about Plaxico playing on a bum ankle all season long and a sore knee in the Super Bowl...and Ross with a bum shoulder....I was hoping for a couple of picks, but I'll take the sacks...18-1 sounds good to me, no asterisk needed