Monday, March 31, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the ugly

I'm going to start with the bad. I went out to dinner with my cousins at their club on Friday. For dessert, I ordered the chocolate lava cake. It's one of those molten chocolate things, with the cake on the outside and the melted chocolate on the inside. It was served with vanilla ice cream. What a disappointment. The cake was not very good - it had this kind of skin on it and was just altogether too bland for a chocolate cake. The melted chocolate was not very warm and the scoop of ice cream was a kind of puny scoop. I ate about half.

Onto the ugly. Having read the above, you might guess that the ugly would be the number showing on my scale. You would be right. Diet starts tomorrow. How much trouble can I get in tonight!!

The good. It's here. It's time. That little sign that says "summer is coming before you know it!" Yes, it is Opening Day! I just heard the Yankee song on the radio. What a happy little tune.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Boomer, the Bad Dog

Yesterday afternoon, while at my in-laws, my SIL N. was taking her dog out to do business. Boomer snuck around her and got out. He had been watching the squirrel activity off and on during the day - so I think that's where he was headed. I heard N yell to me, went running out and realized what was going on. I tried the emergency recall - did not work. A later told me I did it wrong. I was supposed to yell the magic word "Here" and then run away from him, so that he would follow me. My bad. Anyway - Boomer ran to the neighbor's house, around the side yard, jumped off a wall, through pricker bushes, back to in-law's house, around another neighbor - all over. I would yell "get over here" and he would stop running away from me, would head back to me - but at a mad dash so that I could not catch him. In retrospect, I think he thought it was some huge game. I was scared. He was just running like a madman - or a maddog - and it was an unfamiliar neighborhood. He's only been there a couple of times. He finally went running up a neighbor's driveway and between their fence and garage. Fortunately, there was only one way out and one way in. He realized that, saw me standing at the entrance and kind of sheepishly came up to me. As we brought him back to the in-law's, A was dealing with the disciplining of him and saw he was bleeding. I just wanted to cry. MIL was crying, SIL was shaking. I think I was the only one who saw where he had been and really knew how badly he could have been hurt. He had a scratch on his belly and he skinned his chin. He didn't seem upset - except for having been caught - only the people were upset. I was stressed the rest of the day and all the way home. All I could think of was how fast he got away and how we could have lost him. I love that little boy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

I'm wearing green - well teal. I haven't got anything green in work attire. I'll have to fix that for next year. Although next year, I hope to be at the parade in the city watching A march with the FDNY pipe band!

It's Monday. Mondays generally suck. This one doesn't suck too bad - but it's still a Monday. I weighed myself this morning. Bad idea. I'm seeing the after-effects of the parade I went to Saturday. Okay - it wasn't the parade that did it - it was the bar-hopping afterwards. Let's just say I had fun. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As Promised - Evidence of Spring

Ignore my lovely garden hose in the last picture.
I also have daffodils, tulips and hyacinths pushing their stems up. Spring's coming soon!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I heard that the state of CT may pass some legislation banning people from "blocking the box." YAY! That's one of my driving pet peeves. That and people who drive in the left lane but fail to go faster than those in the middle or right lanes are my biggest driving pet peeves. At least today.

Girl Scout cookies are evil. Okay - they aren't - but I have no will power when it comes to them. Thank God they are not available year round. I think I need to eat my stash before I start weight watchers at work.

I plan to go for a walk at lunchtime today. I'm still following my "do one thing to be fit each day" and since I've been eating Girl Scout cookies this morning, I thin I need to do two today! I did pilates this morning. I was going to take the dogger for a walk - but it was like 17 degrees out. I couldn't do that to the poor animal. Okay - I couldn't do that to me - the heck with the dog.

Spring is coming. I have proof. I will try to post it tomorrow. So - for now - Happy Monday!

Friday, March 07, 2008

March Madness/March Magic

I wonder sometimes what the neighbors think when I take the dog out to do business. There I am sounding, I think, quite mad. Not angry mad, crazy mad. "Do poops, do poops, do your poops, pick a spot, good spot, good spot, come on do your poops." And on it goes. They must think I'm nuts. It doesn't help that I have a dog that has "preferred pooping areas" aka "the landing strip." Boomer is slightly picky about where he poops. He has a preferred area and we need to clear the landing strip on a regular basis or the little bugger just won't poop. He does have a secondary landing strip - they are all on the periphery of the yard - which is good. It limits the chances you'll accidentally step in poop - but boy is he a finicky little bugger.

As for the March magic - I may have to take pics so you'll believe me - but - my flowers are starting to come up! I have crocuses, tulips, hyacinth and daffodils starting to sprout. It's so exciting. I wonder when the stuff I planted last fall will start making an appearance. I have to order some plants for the other side of the house, which is this year's gardening project. I need a mix of sunny and shady. I will take pics as the project progresses.

Monday, March 03, 2008


It's sitting right behind me. 6 of them. Calling my name. Saying "Eat me! Eat me!" Girl Scout cookies. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the day without ripping open a box. Or two. They are not part of my "do something to be fit each day" resolution. But - I'm past the wedding where I wanted to fit into a dress and I'm starting weight watchers at work again soon. Maybe I could do this? No. Must. Be. Good.