Sunday, November 13, 2005

November 13, 2005

What the heck was up with Eli Manning today? 4 INTs! And the special teams - they rolled over and played dead. Still, thanks to the defense, the Giants were in the game until the end. I was afraid of this. It was a game they should have won.

I'm mostly happy with the results of the elections. My hometown is not one. I'm worried about the guy they elected and what he may do to the town. I'm also unhappy with the results in a town for which I once worked. I don't think too highly of their new mayor. It wouldn't surprise me to see the FBI checking that place out.

So - the baby making gig - where's it at. I'm nearing the end of the cycle we decided to do sans assistance. I'm doing well, feeling good about life. I worry that I will get dragged down again if the next (and last) cycle fails, but I know that with the support of my husband and friends, I will work through it. I posted a while back I think about some of my "online friends" sending me cards of support. My husband said to me that I would get the same support from the rest of my friends and family if I talked to them about it. I know that he's right, but the thing is - I can't. I just know how hard it would be to deal with all the sympathy live and in person. I suppose it's kind of strange - but that's me. And it's not like no one knows that we are trying. My sisters and mother know as does his family and some friends at work and I think half the FDNY (just kidding hon). The difference is that they are not aware of when I am cycling and when I faced the failures. That means that I'm not faced with the failure each time I see them. I did tell my older sister after the first failure. I think that aside from my husband, she understands me the best of anyone in this world. She was great and supportive and handled me how I need to be handled.

Enough baby talk. Let's talk football again. I love baseball and college basketball - but neither do it for me like football. I like to watch the offensive line when I can. You get to see how they move around on different plays. You'll see guards pulling to create the holes. It's great! I also like watching the receivers run the routes - when you can see them - TV doesn't usually show the whole field. I think that part of the reason I love football is that it's played during the fall - my favorite time of year. If I could play football - for real, not fun - I would want to be a safety or corner. They get to do just about all the fun stuff. They get to tackle. They get to intercept passes. Best of all, they sometimes get to sack the quarterback! Okay - off to check my fantasy football team!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 8, 2005

Today is election day. Sometime later tonight or early tomorrow morning I'll learn what the next two years will be like here at work.

It's a good day out. We don't have bright blue skies, but the temperature is just right for walking. I love to go for walks at lunchtime. It gets me out of the office. When my husband comes for lunch, we walk together. We planned our wedding on our lunchtime walks. Now we are planning the rest of our lives. We talk about the kind of house we would like to buy. We look at houses we pass and talk about what we would do with them or features they have that we want in our future home.

Fall is such a wonderful time to go walking. It's my favorite season. It's football, turning leaves, crisp air, blue skies - I love it. Today, as I walked I got the best of the turning leaves. So many trees are still in full color - the reds, yellows and oranges. The cacaphony of colors is awesome. (Oh dear, I may have just Binkerized my blog.) There are a lot of leaves on the ground too. I love walking through them. The smell is great, the sound is great, the memories are great. Raking leaves was never too bad a chore because you could jump in the pile after you raked them.

When I walk alone, I listen to music. Sometimes it's a special CD for cardio, designed to get me moving fast. More often though, it's a blend I've created. Today I was listening to some Simon & Garfunkel and the Monkees. I love it when it's pre-stereo music and you get some instruments in one ear and some in the other, or you get the lead vocal in one ear and the harmonies in the other. It was a beautiful day to walk - makes you feel good about life.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

November 3, 2005

Just a few thoughts - not necessarily related.

I've gotten to know some really nice people through the online world. Today I received cards from some of those people, letting me know that they were thinking of me through my struggles to have a child. It was just one of those moments that made me feel good about the world.

Being married has some less obvious benefits. As a single, you may not have that person to go to when you have one of those scary or annoying "oh crap" moments. When you are married - you have that person to lean on to help you out in the crisis. Tonight I was that person for my husband. He lost his cell phone. He had me to turn to, to help him find it. It was a minor incident, but it made me feel good to be there to help him. He's always there to help me.

How many days until the election? I can't wait for it to be over. I grew up in a political household, but let me tell you, I have no stomach for this crap.

There is one kind of person in this world that just really irritates the hell out of me. It's the person who does something wrong and no matter what you do or say, they will never be convinced that they were anything less than right. I like to win. I can't stand this kind of person because I can't win with them.

I need to send out some change of address cards soon or we may not get any Christmas cards.

This week has been wonderful weather-wise. I've walked every day on my lunch hour. Good thing, because I've eaten chocolate every day too. The leftover halloween candy won't run out soon enough for me!