Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures - it's been a while

I tried to put these in good order...These are some shots of our backyard - right now with lots of straw instead of grass thanks to the heatwave, lack of rain and watering restrictions! This may give you some perspective of the gardens. Our lot is about 50 feet wide by 100 feet deep. I'm not sure how deep the backyard is. The house sits 23 feet back from the road. I think we have something like 35 or 40 feet in the backyard - the house is small. Anyway, we have gardens all along the fence and on the side of the garage. We also have a garden alongside the house by the driveway and some on the other side of the driveway. Then there are hydrangea and azaleas in front of the house and some lavender and forsythia on the far side of the house. Also in the pictures - some of my vegetables! And Boomer is in at least one of the shots!

A bloom on one of the hydrangeas in front. It's such a delicate china blue!
A pepper - that is supposed to be red. Maybe it turns later?
A rose - from the garden on the side of the driveway. It just popped this morning.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

waiting for my package

I ordered two things yesterday that I'm very excited about. One is something I've kind of wanted since I got so into knitting - interchangeable needles. I've been looking at a couple of different kinds, reading reviews, user comments. I finally settled on Addi clicks. They are pricey, but I love my Addi needles. I decided against Knitpicks Options, despite the lower price mainly because their tips are so pointy. I do have some Knitpicks needles and the really pointy tips have their place, but for every day workhorse needles, I don't want to be stabbing myself all the time, so I went with the Addis.
The other thing I ordered was yarn for a shawl I plan to knit on our trip to Michigan. It's the boneyard shawl. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/boneyard-shawl
I got some Rowan Summer Tweed in blueberry. Mmmm - looks so good. The shawl is pretty much just straight stockinette, with a couple of garter bands thrown in there - so should be pretty good truck knitting. I'm excited.

On another note - I will be posting some pictures soon. My main computer is in our home office, which is in the attic. It gets hot up there even with the a/c on. This weekend, I blew the fuse for the attic a couple of times when the 2nd floor a/c unit would fire up. It got to be a pain, rebooting the PC, so I decided to wait until the heat breaks. I have pictures of my yard - to give some perspective on how the gardens are set up, where I fit all the flowers - you'll be amazed at the room I have. Also, pictures of my first home-grown zucchini! And of course Boomer. He was rather funny about the pile of sticks in the yard left from the tree we cut down, so I'll share those.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Things I would rather not see....

...men in Mom jeans
...men in Mom jeans riding little red scooters (the motorcycle type)
...men in Mom jeans cut-off shorts
...canary yellow motorcycles being ridden by old men in canary yellow motorcycle suits
...my co-workers underarm stubble
...your lacy white bra under your too-tight white shirt
...your fat ass squeezed into short shorts
...anybody's muffin top
...cigarette butts anytime, anywhere but most especially on the sidewalk in front of my house