Sunday, August 08, 2010

Where are my watermelons

I went to Mass this morning. Usually it's a very even keel experience. Not so today. As part of his sermon, the priest talked about how in 1st grade, his teacher (a nun) had them all plant in a garden. He was given watermelon seeds to plant. They weren't doing anything. He cried, the nun asked why - and so on. She tells him to pray for the watermelons to go. Next day there are watermelons on his section of the garden. Moral of the story - pray and you shall receive. Well, where the fuck are my watermelons? I prayed plenty over our inability to have children. I'm sick and tired of the whole "have faith and it will work out for you" concept. It doesn't always work out. Some of us never get our watermelons. It was hard to stay for the rest of the Mass. So far, I've dealt with it by eating cake, bawling on the living room floor and now this. Going to be a really sucky day. And while dealing with all this, I read an e-mail from our flip flop wearing jerk of a health director. He's such a freakin' weirdo loser. I am impressed with myself that I sent him a professional, non-pissy e-mail back. But he needs to stay away from me for a while. I'm thinking the sun's not going to be shining in my world real soon.

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