Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hairspray is your Friend...and other thoughts from vacation

"Hairspray is your friend."  I had a hairdresser who used to say that to me.  I realized just how much of a friend it could be when I was on vacation on the Cape last week - and had forgotten my hairspray.  Permed hair, a weak hairdryer and no hairspray make for some bad hair days.

I don't know how I survived childhood without air conditioning.  How did anyone ever survive it.  My favorite person on the Cape was the guy who fixed my mother's a/c late Friday afternoon.  Boomer loved him too.

Sand stings on a windy beach.

Thundershirts work on dogs that are scared of thunder.  Don't know how, but they do.

Flowers grow differently on the Cape.  My mom & I both have gallardia plants, but hers grow much taller than mine.  Balloon flowers too.

Hydrangeas are everywhere on the Cape. 

Pedestrians can be really stupid.

We have great neighbors on the Cape.


Brenna said...

Stupid pedestrians are most likely from Newton.

loribeth said...

I don't know how we did it either (without a/c). Thank goodness for it!!