Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happiness is....

....birthdays. Today is A's 39th birthday. For real 39 - not like me with my anniversaries of my 39th birthday. So Happy Birthday Babycakes! I love you! (I'm saying that here even though he's not supposed to read my blog.) Who knew that 39 years ago as I sat in my 3rd grade class, my life course was being changed down in the delivery room in Norwalk Hospital!

Happiness is also a finished twin blanket! One down, one to go. I'll post pictures soon. My mother gave me the pattern last year when I wanted to make a blanket for my soon to be nephew, it's one she's used a lot. Then I lost it after I finished that blanket, so she read it to me over the phone before I started this one. Guess what I found last night after binding off! I did make a bit of a goof - but no biggie really. The blanket has blocks divided by seed stitch. The seed stitch was supposed to be p1, k1..... I went p1, k1. I don't think you could tell the difference - seriously. So now, on to twin blanket #2. This one will be a different shade of pink - and personally I think a much prettier shade - more vibrant certainly. I'm not going to do the same pattern. I saw pictures of another baby blanket by the same designer online and I'm going to kind of wing it. It's almost like a big basket weave pattern- a block of stockinette stitch, then reverse stockinette stitch. So - I want it to be a similar size to the one I just finished. I've done the math to figure out how many stitches and how many rows each block should be. So I'll cast on tonight. I recently taught myself how to do a long tail cast on, so I may try that out tonight!


Aims said...

Good for you! What sort of cast-on did you use previously?

I am also in the midst of baby blanket knitting -- the curlicue coverlet -- you can search it on rav!

And Happy bday to Aron!

Kate B said...

I've always used a knitting on cast on - it's how I was taught. Now that I'm exploring knitting more, I find it's not always the best method.