Monday, July 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

I forgot to post pictures on Friday. Not to worry, I took some pics yesterday and will probably give you picture overload in the next day or so.

My sit bones hurt. We got bikes this week. We started riding Saturday morning. My sit bones are getting used to it. Bike shorts help - but despite feeling like the biggest GD sanitary napkin you ever wore, those little butt bones still make their presence known.

I need to work on hills. It doesn't help that my respiratory capabilities are a little compromised lately by this sinus thing I have going on. I can make medium hills, but the big ones - both up and down are a problem. I'm not comfortable flying down the hills like my husband. Way to stick together honey! And I had to walk up a couple of steep ones. And I'm thinking I really haven't seen steep.

When biking together, the lead biker should look back periodically to make sure the second biker is still there. One of us is good at this, one is not. Want to take a wild guess which one is not? Hint - he has a penis. Not sure if that has anything to do with it - but at some point, I may just have to clue him in that if he wants to get to continue to use said penis for pleasurable joint activities, he may want to look back once in a while to make sure his wife is still following.

We leave for vacation on Friday. We're not taking the Boom Doggie. He's getting a vacation of his own. I'm somewhat regretting that decision. I'm going to miss him. And I think he really enjoys going to the Cape. But, we intend to play golf and bike - be out doing stuff every day - so that would mean leaving him alone in the house or in the care of my mother and/or sister. We don't think it's fair to just dump our dog on my mom. Plus, part of me would be afraid that he would get loose. It's happened and he's not an easy dog to catch. In fact, he's pretty darn well impossible to catch until he's ready to be caught. That dog is fast. And smart. So, he's going to doggie day care/boarding for the week. He'll be happy and never know that he could have been at the beach.

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Brenna said...

"Pleasurable joint activities" - hilarious!