Friday, July 03, 2009

Random Thoughts

We got back from Seattle last night, tired and missing the sunshine! Our welcome back to NYworld included a rain storm as we went to our car with the luggage. Oh well. So - just some random thoughts here.

While having lunch on Wednesday, we saw this guy with a hat on that proclaimed "Ground Zero" and had an embroidered picture of the Trade Center. A little tasteless if you ask me. Who goes around with a hat that says "I visited the sight were 2,500 people were murdered."????? Then, as we walked by him to leave - he's also wearing a Hurricane Katrina t-shirt. This guy was a walking disaster advertisement!

Seattle is a lovely city. Hillier than I expected. (Is hillier a word?) There were a lot of homeless people/beggars, which really surprised me. We went to the Public Market - loved it. We also strayed out of town to Woodinvale to visit some wineries. High marks to Janiuk/Novelty Hill, low marks to Chateau Ste. Michel. I would say though that the Chateau itself and its grounds were lovely.

People in Seattle are super nice.

I think I may be over being a bitter bitch about the whole president of the association thing. I hope.

I miss my dog. I hope he had fun at doggie camp while we were gone. We'll be doing yard work and cleaning out the garage today - then off to get the Boom Doggie!

I came back with some fresh ideas for things to do at work. I feel a little revitalized! I'm going to work on doing more revenue forecasting for one.

It was good to see my friends - I wish that it were not just once a year. Some of us are planning to try to make it more often. That is such a wonderful bonus I got out of being on the board - the friendships are lasting.

I gained a couple of pounds with all of the good food and the alcohol and the lack of exercise - back to the diet today. I will take a diet-break tomorrow though, considering holiday calories don't count.

No pictures today - sorry. I was kind of busy this week.

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annie said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. Seattle is someplace I'd really like to go. I bet the Boom Doggie will be thrilled to see you!!!