Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years ago today

Time goes on, wounds heal - but we must never forget what happened eight years ago today. I know that I never will. It is up to us to remember, to teach the next generation. We need to tell them about the horror that was visited upon us day. But we also need to tell them about the heroes who went running into the building trying to save thousands - and many were saved. We need to tell them about the passengers who fought back on the fourth plane and in doing so, saved the lives of many. We need to tell them how every day Americans lined up to give blood for the injured. We need to tell them how volunteers came from all over to donate their time, their money, their property to help with the recovery effort. We need to tell them how people donated fire trucks to the city who lost so many of their own. And how 4 years later, when New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the FDNY gave back to the people of the city that had given to them in their time of need. We need to tell them how Americans came together in prayer and in patriotism. We need to tell them that we were bowed, but unbroken, that though the Twin Towers fell, the Statue of Liberty stood tall. Terrorists struck at the heart of America, but America has a bigger heart than they could have imagined. We must never forget.

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AlwaysJoy said...

Kate! I read this to Jim through tear stained eyes! Please thank A today for all he does and give yourself a hug from me. Thank you for being the one who supports the one who helps us all. Firemen have a special place in my heart after our fire I learned how precious they are!