Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Celebrating a Friend

Yesterday I played golf. It was a tournament in honor of my friend Patrick who died last fall. It was a fun day, well attended by his friends and colleagues. Proceeds from the tournament will go towards scholarships in his memory. The day started off a little chilly. I was glad I thought to bring a fleece. It warmed up though and turned into a gorgeous, late summer day. I was playing with friends, so there was lots of laughter. There was a golf-housing development along side the course - I couldn't live there. In one section, every house was the same. The design, the color - everything. The only thing that changed was which side the garage was on. Not for me. My old boss was there. I once respected his drive as mayor. Now I look at him and think - what a doofus. I think he's trying to hard to be the youthful, energetic, cheerful guy - and it's just ringing false. There was another mayor there - one who is likely going to jail or at least on trial. I'm thinking that keeping a low profile would be the thing - but that's just me. Anyway, I had a fun day, despite not playing my best golf. But - as they say - a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work.

For my reader friends - yes, I did get a cheesecake as a birthday cake this year. It was from my staff. The one who bought the cake - well - I'll just say I'm not surprised by it. But, I shouldn't complain because it was thoughtful of her to get it for me. And all I have heard on the spirit squad v. cheerleader thing so far is that the spirit squad will not be doing the gymnastic type stuff but will "connect" more with fans, leading them in cheers. Huh? Like the cheerleaders didn't do that? And we enjoyed the gymnastic stuff and the pyramids and all. So, I'm still on my bring back the cheerleaders kick.

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