Monday, October 12, 2009

It started out as a good day anyway

My 30th high school reunion was this weekend. It was fun. I saw people I hadn't seen in 10 or more years. I had fun chatting with people, catching up. Some of the stuff I was afraid of - the kids question - didn't really happen. In fact, I found out there were more of my classmates than I expected that had no children. It was fun. And I think that, relatively speaking, I've aged well. I was tired after and the next morning we had to drive 2 hours to the in-laws for a visit. It was good to see them, but it was such a long day. We had the discussion about the holidays. My MIL wants to do Thanksgiving, which is fine by me. I said I would do Christmas, which pleased the BIL & SIL who go to SIL's family in NJ for Christmas Eve - makes it convenient for them to do both families over the holiday as we are on the way home. So, that's cool. Except MIL still wants to do a 2nd Christmas. I don't get it. I could maybe (though not likely) understand it if she wanted a 2nd Christmas with only her family - seeing as how we expect some of my family to be at our house Christmas Day - but no, that's not it, as she wants to invite my family for her 2nd Christmas celebration. I don't want to do two. Why isn't having all the family at our house good enough? Is it not enough of a family celebration? I just don't get it. Do we not do a nice job? I don't get it. The good thing is that A is with me and does not want to do a 2nd Christmas. But it may be a bit unpleasant for us all to say no to a 2nd celebration.
So, then today started out well. Was in fact going very well. I had to go into work this morning and do some stuff which went well and fast. We went out for lunch, bought a new rug for our living room - such a deal we got! All was good. Then I call my mother. Long story short, when I say we are going to do Christmas she immediately says - no breath wasted, no pause, no nothing "Laurie doesn't want to do that." Well. Okay. Laurie is the sister I had the fight with after last Christmas and she left the dog poop at the back door. She's unemployed and living with my mother. So, I'm not sure how much of this is her feeling awkward being unemployed and not wanting to see lots of people or her still being mad that I called her out on the dog poop. But, now my mother says "and I'm caught in the middle" I feel like saying - "no, you're not, in fact it sounds like you already made a choice." But, I was the good daughter. I told her that Laurie is welcome in our house. Her dog is welcome in our house, but Laurie has to be there to mind the dog. I feel so hurt that the first words out of my mother's mouth when I said I wanted to host Christmas were "Laurie doesn't want to do that." Not thank you, not that would be lovely honey. "Laurie doesn't want to do that." Fine. This may be the last time I offer. Next year, if A is not working Christmas, I will seriously think about going away somewhere for Christmas.

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AM said...

I just saw your blog for the first time from Urban Drivel. Your Christmas post made me laugh out loud, having been there myself. The one year it got really terrible, the husband and I went to London and ignored the whole thing. It was great. We froze our butts off, but enjoyed every minute of it just being with each other without the family pressure. Good luck to you with this.