Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happiness is...

....a day early. But - I have such cause to be happy this morning. I woke up with my husband in bed next to me.
Sunday night, there was a 7 alarm fire in Chinatown. 7 alarms is pretty damn big. While at the fire, searching an apartment, A fell part of the way through a hole in the floor that the fire had created. Had he fallen all the way through, it would have been a whole different outcome. He was able to pull himself out of the hole, but realized he was in a bad situation. He had received some burns in his fall. He had to find a different way out of the apartment - couldn't go back as he came. He called in a mayday, but kept working to get himself out. He heard the guys on the hose line and kept moving, finding a door. The door was locked and he couldn't use his tools on them because he couldn't grip them due to his burns on his hands. He was able to use his gloves to open the lock and get out. He has second degree burns on his upper arm and one ear. He has first degree (the least serious) on his stomach and fingers. The fingers hurt a lot, probably due to all the nerve endings there.
Yesterday was a stressful day, thinking what could have happened and worried about how bad the burns actually were. I felt a lot better when I got to see him and hug him - gently. It could have been so bad. He's well trained though. He credits that to him getting out. He particularly credits his captain and one of his lieutenants for the things they taught him and the confidence they inspired in his skills. I am grateful to them too. I am also grateful to all the friends and family and FDNY family that reached out to us yesterday.
Now, today, I just heard him get up. So, I am going to go have breakfast with my husband. :)


loribeth said...

Yikes, that seems way too close for comfort. Thank goodness your husband was well trained & had other firefighters there to help him.

Life is precious. Enjoy your breakfast!

dinap said...

So glad to hear that Aron is doing OK, and that you are able to have breakfast with your hubby. We are all so grateful to have skilled firefighters like A to answer the call if we ever need it...and just as important, to have spouses who are able to support them. Thinking of you, lady!