Sunday, May 23, 2010

Small dogs

So - you own a small dog. You think it's cute when he growls and snarls at a big dog. It's not. You say stupid things like "oh he doesn't know his own size". Well guess what - neither does my big dog. And when your yappy little jack russell starts advancing on my dog, snarling and growling at him, what do you think my dog is going to do? My dog doesn't see some freakin' pipsqueak, he sees another dog challenging him. So he responds in kind. Thanks a lot. Thanks a whole freakin' lot. But, lucky for you, my dog is well trained. I keep him under control. That way, your untrained little yapper doesn't get eaten for lunch. Because guess what - my dog is bigger. Your dog may not know it, my dog may not know it - but that's the reality of the situation. Seriously, dog owners big and small ought to be required to train their dog properly.

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