Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happiness is...

...beautiful weather, getting healthy, taking walks, a clean house (thanks to my hubby). Life is good. I'm struggling a little with motivation at work. The budget is done - so it's like "now what" and I'm not focusing too well all the time. It may be spring fever too!

I think I'll be moving my veggie seedlings to the garden this weekend. I may have to create a new garden space for some. One area I thought I would take over had a rose bush that I though was a goner. Then as I was weeding Sunday, I saw a little sprout. It's alive! That bush has survived weed killer, a fence being put in, being moved and it's still going - so that space can't be had. I've got a lot of peonies ready to pop soon. I hope they don't bloom while I'm away. But I had best head to Home Depot and get some rings to keep the plants up - those blooms get heavy.

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