Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going short

I'm going short with my hair today. It's not really that long to start with - not even shoulder length. I want it shorter for a couple of reasons. One is the heat of the summer, so this may be a summer-do only and I'll grow it longer come September. The other is that my hair, while I have a lot of it, is fine and tends to be limp and want to be straight. I got Mom's hair! My sister's got Dad's hair, which was thick and wavy. They have their own issues - while my hair goes really limp in the hot, humid weather, theirs frizzes up. You might think that I have thick hair if you saw me, but that's just because there is so much of it. The day of my wedding, A's cousin who is a hairdresser, helped me fix up my hair after I took my veil off. She was surprised when she put her fingers in my hair to find it so fine. So, back to the beginning, I'm going short today. I won't go as far as a pixie, the childhood trauma of being forced to get pixie cuts from the barber is too much, but something like a short shag or a little longer version of a pixie might be just the thing that fits my hair's capabilities to hold a style and look good.

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loribeth said...

This calls for pictures. : )