Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happiness is...

...a new hose reel. Yes, that is what made me happy this week. The old one was a cheapie - my choice - and horrible to reel the hose back in. The new one is so easy, I love it. I was out watering the gardens this morning and it took less time because the hose reel is easy.

And....I have at least two zucchinis growing and one pepper. I don't see any squash or tomatoes yet and the brussel sprouts are a long way off. My arugula is done for the season as far as I can tell. I read not to eat it after it goes to seed and it has. If I can find another type of lettuce plant at the local farmers' market today, I will pick it up. I pulled all the mint out this weekend - it spreads like mad and we never use it - so I have some prime sunny space.

On a separate note - I'll be saying a prayer for a friend today that she gets a result she is hoping for. I'm hoping too. Good things should happen to good people.

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