Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happiness is surviving the East Coast Earthquake TV Coverage!

I felt it.  No one else on my staff did.  Two were at lunch, the one who was with me thought I was nuts when I said "What just happened?  It felt like the building moved."  So - thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet - I promptly googled earthquake and saw that there had been one in Virginia.  Then I went on facebook and had my suspicions confirmed.  The TV coverage was just a little bit much.  I do feel for people in DC and NYC that must have thought it was another terrorist attack.  It appears that no one was injured or killed and damage seems to be relatively minor, except for some damage to our national monuments.  That makes me sad.  And Californians can laugh all they want at the New Yorkers who evacuated their buildings - but if your city was once the target of a terrorist attack and rarely has earthquakes - what would you think was going on and what would you do?  I would get the hell out of the building, that's for damn sure!
Anyway, the earthquake pre-empted my planned post that would have said "Happiness is that new car smell."  I picked up my new car on Friday.  I'm happy with my decision.  I don't totally love the color, but I don't hate it and for the price I got I'm not being picky.  One feature that I love in this car is that it has a hard drive for music.  So, I put a CD in and it records the CD to the hard drive.  I've been having fun picking what CDs to put on the hard drive.  So far I have a little Bon Jovi, some Queen, a mix from Greys Anatomy soundtracks and some standards (think Frank Sinatra).  Must add more Bon Jovi, REO, Beatles, Buffett - so so many.  Tonight on the way home, I think I'll load up the soundtracks from The Concert for New York City from back in 2001.

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