Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Happiness is....and looking for help from knitting friends and others

....almost done with one pretty shawl, thinking about the next.  And I need help picking the next one!First, the almost done one.  This is wollmeise yarn - so nice, beautiful color.  The pattern is Batik.  It's a bottom up, so it was slow going with long rows at first, now it is flying off the needles.
Then, the skeined yarn is my next one up.  It's squooshy sock yarn from fiberphile.  The colorway is Sakura - it's creamy, pink, peach and tinges of beige.  I want to knit a scarf that I will wear to a friend's wedding the end of the month on a beach in the Dominican Republic.  So, I'm trying to find something that fits the color and fits the idea of just a light cover if needed on the beach.  I'm posting a few of the top contenders.  Would love to hear opinions, suggestions!

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Erin said...

Nice!! I really like the first option for the scarf/shawl for the wedding.