Monday, October 17, 2011

I am the 98%

Yes, you read that right - 98%.  I'm not the 1% that makes all the money and I'm not the 1% protesting that the other 1% makes all the money.  I went to a small school that provided an excellent education, but didn't cost an arm & a leg.  I got scholarships and student loans that I was able to pay off within a few years.  I didn't go to a big name school - or even a medium name school that cost more than we could afford without burdensome loans.  I got a degree in something I liked, was good at and which - shockingly apparently - prepared me to get a job.  I got a degree in accounting, not history, philosophy.  I have a mortgage.  I have a mortgage that I can afford to pay every month.  My house is under water, but I can afford my mortgage because we did the math before buying.  We only bought as much as we can afford.  There's no evil bank here, there are only responsible home owners in this story.  I am lucky to have a good job, a stable job, as does my husband.  I know some people were smart about everything, education, mortgage and got unlucky in the job area.  I recognize that there are some things the protesters suffered that they couldn't control.  But what are they protesting?  That some people make too much money?  I'm not opposed to people making a lot of money.  I chose not to go into the lines of work that would have put me in the top 1%.  Are some of the 1% grossly overcompensated - you bet.  But you can't just protest that they are overpaid.  Do they pay their fair share in taxes - everything I read says no.  So protest for changes in the tax regulations.  Protest for changes in the regulations which allow them to create situations like synthetic debt which helped caused the mortgage crisis and protest the lax mortgage regulations.  You can't just protest that you have a lot of student loans and no job.  You did that to yourself.  You chose the expensive college instead of the local one - or instead of a trade school.  Protest for or against something specific - not just that someone else has more than you and that's not fair.  And remember this - to a certain extent, it is fair that some have more.  We are not a communist society.  We are a free market based society.  You don't like that concept - move to Cuba.

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