Monday, February 11, 2013

16 inches

16 inches - not too bad.  Not as bad as some people in my home state got it.  Boomer's not such a big fan, but really, all in all, not bad.  Let's just hope we don't get more storms!  I have some good pictures, so I'll post those.  I finished a hat, made good progress on my St Enda sweater and got some good exercise in doing snow removal. I suppose I can handle a blizzard once in a while - but would prefer not to have to do it.

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Jen said...

We got about 15 inches where we are in CT...we feel very blessed this time that we missed the bullseye. My hometown got 38! I feel for those who still can't get out of their homes due to their streets still full of snow. Glad you got to do some knitting and yes, the shoveling was great back ached alittle the next day.