Monday, March 10, 2008


I heard that the state of CT may pass some legislation banning people from "blocking the box." YAY! That's one of my driving pet peeves. That and people who drive in the left lane but fail to go faster than those in the middle or right lanes are my biggest driving pet peeves. At least today.

Girl Scout cookies are evil. Okay - they aren't - but I have no will power when it comes to them. Thank God they are not available year round. I think I need to eat my stash before I start weight watchers at work.

I plan to go for a walk at lunchtime today. I'm still following my "do one thing to be fit each day" and since I've been eating Girl Scout cookies this morning, I thin I need to do two today! I did pilates this morning. I was going to take the dogger for a walk - but it was like 17 degrees out. I couldn't do that to the poor animal. Okay - I couldn't do that to me - the heck with the dog.

Spring is coming. I have proof. I will try to post it tomorrow. So - for now - Happy Monday!

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