Monday, March 31, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the ugly

I'm going to start with the bad. I went out to dinner with my cousins at their club on Friday. For dessert, I ordered the chocolate lava cake. It's one of those molten chocolate things, with the cake on the outside and the melted chocolate on the inside. It was served with vanilla ice cream. What a disappointment. The cake was not very good - it had this kind of skin on it and was just altogether too bland for a chocolate cake. The melted chocolate was not very warm and the scoop of ice cream was a kind of puny scoop. I ate about half.

Onto the ugly. Having read the above, you might guess that the ugly would be the number showing on my scale. You would be right. Diet starts tomorrow. How much trouble can I get in tonight!!

The good. It's here. It's time. That little sign that says "summer is coming before you know it!" Yes, it is Opening Day! I just heard the Yankee song on the radio. What a happy little tune.

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