Friday, March 07, 2008

March Madness/March Magic

I wonder sometimes what the neighbors think when I take the dog out to do business. There I am sounding, I think, quite mad. Not angry mad, crazy mad. "Do poops, do poops, do your poops, pick a spot, good spot, good spot, come on do your poops." And on it goes. They must think I'm nuts. It doesn't help that I have a dog that has "preferred pooping areas" aka "the landing strip." Boomer is slightly picky about where he poops. He has a preferred area and we need to clear the landing strip on a regular basis or the little bugger just won't poop. He does have a secondary landing strip - they are all on the periphery of the yard - which is good. It limits the chances you'll accidentally step in poop - but boy is he a finicky little bugger.

As for the March magic - I may have to take pics so you'll believe me - but - my flowers are starting to come up! I have crocuses, tulips, hyacinth and daffodils starting to sprout. It's so exciting. I wonder when the stuff I planted last fall will start making an appearance. I have to order some plants for the other side of the house, which is this year's gardening project. I need a mix of sunny and shady. I will take pics as the project progresses.

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