Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Photos

As promised, here are pictures of my recently finished knitting project. It is a scarf - the name of the scarf is Bias Knit Scarf and it's a free pattern on The pattern calls for mohair yarn and says to knit to 36 inches. I used Lion Brand Homespun - much softer - and made it a bit over 60 inches. I really liked this pattern. I knit it for my friend Deb. A few months back, my friend Patrick passed away after a golfing accident. Deb was his girlfriend. We had dinner last month and I was wearing a scarf I had knit. Deb loved it and the color and said "I want one" or something like that. So - I found a yarn with a color close to mine and decided to try a different pattern from mine. The first pattern I tried, I really didn't like. Then I thought I would try the Bias Knit Scarf -but using a smaller needle and cast on more stitches. I ripped that out too - or using knitting language I guess I frogged it. So - finally got going with a size I liked and it really moved pretty quickly. I gave it to Deb yesterday. I'm happy I could do something that made her happy. She's had a tough few months. So enough story - here are the pictures.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love Lion Brand too... I'm finishing Colin's blanket now with their Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and love it! Next up - a blanket to be given to someone (not sure who yet) as a Christmas gift.