Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tomorrow is D-Day

Tomorrow I hear if I get the presidency of my professional association. I'm trying to prepare for a negative. No need to prepare for a positive - right? So, same kind of plan as last year - retail therapy. I've been researching jewelry. If I covet a Dooney & Bourke handbag again, I know to talk to A first, so that his buddy Pat, who works for Mr. B, can get it for me at his employee discount. So, I've been cruising some jewelry websites. I'm thinking a diamond journey necklace. Although part of me says I should take the peridot/diamond pendant my mom had made for me and get it made into a ring. I've wanted to do that for years. Is now the time? I'm leaning more towards something I wasn't going to have otherwise - to make it truly special. I do think my odds are decent. I think that in simple comparison to the other candidates, I match up well. If you add to it that with the guy who beat me out last year, it will be four men in a row - for an organization that is 49% female - I think being the only woman in contention plays in my favor. I'm not proud - I'll take the advantage. In the end though - it may all hinge on something else that is important to the committee that I know nothing about. So I move along with my plan to indulge myself if it doesn't go in my favor. My own personal silver lining - you know how it goes.


Alacrity said...

Hope you get it!

Sarah said...

Good Luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Brenna said...

Only now do I get the other 2 posts. I'm sorry, K.