Monday, April 13, 2009

Onion Grass

I hate it. It's annoying. It grows faster than our regular grass. It grows in my flower gardens. For that I blame the previous owners who did not take care of the gardens. I decided to get back to my "learning new things" project and learn about onion grass. Pulling it up only eliminates it to a certain extent - if you don't get all the little bulbs and all of all of them - it will grow back. Roundup works, but can kill your regular grass. Weed B Gone appears to be better. Would you believe that people eat onion grass? EWWWW! Apparently it is in the chive family. What I've read is that you use the top like chives. You boil the little bulbs with salt and butter - Yum! You can even eat them raw? Oh yuck. It's a weed! Clearly you should not eat them if you have tried to kill them with Roundup or Weed B Gone. Or if, like me, you have a doggie who may have done his business on the onion grass. If only dog pee would kill onion grass, I would be in business!


annie said...

You know what's interesting? We have very little onion grass in the south. I had to show some to K. when we were home last year. He also didn't know what pussy willows were.

Meg said...

Onion grass is the bane of my husband's existence. He has made it his personal mission of the spring to rid our yard of all onion grass (and there's a LOT of it!) It's awful. Our neighbors all have it, too. Such a PITA to get rid of!