Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Photos

Well, I haven't taken any new photos this week, so I'll post a couple older ones. And I'll share some random thoughts.

Cheesecake is not birthday cake. Maybe for someone else, not for me.

If you are going to wear tight white jeans, you need to choose your underwear carefully.

I love my Yankees, but a car with Yankees pinstripes on it? Don't think I'll be driving that one.

UCONN dumped its cheerleaders for a "spirit squad". Seriously. Bring back the cheerleaders. They added to the football games. They were good. They got the crowd cheering. A "spirit squad"? Seriously?

I found the spot on Boomer that when you rub it makes his little leg go like he's trying to scratch. It's fun.


AlwaysJoy said...

What is a spirit squad?

And I hope you weren't given cheesecake for your birthday...

annie said...

What the heck is the difference between cheerleaders and a spirit squad? They should be brought back, cheerleaders are awesome!

dinap said...

Right on re: the white pants. I've been thinking lately that white pants are generally not a good idea for anyone. The pair I have makes me look about 10 pounds heavier. I think I will retire them!