Thursday, November 05, 2009


How sweet it is! The Yankees World Series Champions once again! I was nervous going into most of the games in this series, but last night, I was calm. I just knew they were going to win it. That doesn't mean I abandoned any of my typical superstitious type activity. In the 2nd inning, while working on a beret for my nephew, I needed to put on my cheaters to see the stitches I was knitting. Hideki Matsui hit a homer. Next, bottom half of the third, I had taken them off when it was just straight knitting. The Yankees didn't score. So - guess what went back on for the rest of the night whether I needed them or not! I finished the hat by the way! That's the second knitted Christmas present ready.

So - some thoughts on the World Series. Chase Utley looks like he might be good looking, but the dude needs a new hair style - Pat Reilly wants his back. Mark Texiera is my 2nd favorite Yankee - awesome in the field, a little tight at the plate, but he delivered some important hits. ARod finally came through in the post season - happy for him, happier for the team. So, Jimmy Rollins - we were nice and let it go to 6.... And Pedro - we're still your Daddy! Andy Pettite! Big game, cool as a cucumber. Mariano - you know if he's in there, it's over. Was Matsui in the zone last night or what. Funny though - those dumb ass Fox announcers said several times how he was just a triple short of hitting for the cycle - as if he might do it. Seriously - have they not noticed his bum knees? I didn't much care for the Fox announcers in general - watched a couple of games with the sound off. I think it is pretty cool that they won at home - though I would have much preferred a 4 game sweep. It's kind of fun to see grown men as excited as little kids after they win. It's fun to hear Frank singing at the end of the game. For the Yankee haters - hate all you want. I love the Yankees.

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