Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It was a rather spectacular crash...

...but seriously I-95 northbound folks - did we really have to slow down to 5 mph to look at it? I hate rubberneckers and lookie-loos. I was actually going to be on time for work this morning! That does not happen often! Seriously! But two unfortunate souls had a mishap on 95 south and there you go - I'm late again. But as I said, it was a rather spectacular crash. There appeared to be no injuries - to people. Cars on the other hand - well, those two are going to need a little work.

Today is election day. Know what that means? Tomorrow there will be no more election commercials! YAY! I have gotten so freakin' sick of seeing Chris Christie's mug on my TV. I don't live in Jersey, but they advertise in the same market. Christie is on his own commercials. Christie is on Corzine's commercials. I have to say, it's been kind of amusing and kind of sad to see Christie's image in Corzine's commercials. You know they are searching all the photos to find the gosh-darned ugliest shots and the ones that make him look his fattest and piggiest. (If you didn't know, Mr. Christie is on the large side and, unfortunately for him, he has a kind of piggy little face.) Then there's all the Bloomberg ads. I think he bought 3 TV stations to air them. Okay - just kidding - but seriously dude - you bought a lot of air time. Tomorrow - we're all done. Thank heavens!

Oh - and say a prayer that I get a decent boss out of this election.

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