Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Photos

Today's photo post is different. I'm showing off some things in my life. Like my new vacuum! A Dyson that is designed for dealing with pet hair. I love it!!

And then there's the new TV. This is when it was first setup - it looks even better now - but so much better than that big ass TV that dominated the room.

Boomer, of course. What photo post would be complete without Boomer! He's prowling his yard - so cute.
A newly finished knitting project. This is a beret I made for my nephew. I think I may call it the #27 hat - since I did quite a bit of work on it during the Yankees' run to World Series Championship #27. In fact, I finished it during the 8th inning of the clincher. A thinks I should put a pom pom on it. I'm not sure yet - so it may not be totally finished. It's my first hat and I'm pleased with it. I did learn that I need some shorter dpns.


dinap said...

I am jealous of your Dyson. And I would totally put a pom pom on that hat, it would take the cuteness factor over the edge! I'm thinking of getting Lukas a scally cap, but wonder if that would be acceptable in my Irish hood, given that he is 100% German?

Aims said...

I have that same Dyson and it is awesome -- you will not believe how much is in the filter when you empty it after your first cleaning with it. Also: I vote pom pom... and another knitting masterpiece of yours is featured on my blog today!