Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happiness is...

Another UCONN Bowl Win! Yes folks - that's right - little ol' UCONN beat up on an SEC team - South Carolina. It was fun. It was cold, but it was fun. Those USC people - well they thought maybe their team was as good as that other USC team - you know the one out in Southern California? Not so much boys. UCONN dominated. I mean DOMINATED. The defense was outstanding. They blitzed! OMG UCONN BLITZED!! That was not something we saw much of this season. As usual, our offensive line just cleared out some big holes and Andre Dixon went right through them. He got more playing time than Jordan Toddman - which I think was right, since this was Dixon's last game with UCONN. At the end of the game, we fans were chanting Dixon's name. He encouraged it for a bit, then showed his thanks. We then chanted Jasper Howard's name. That still makes me teary. What a special season this was. This team went suffered painful losses on and off the field, but they held it together and played hard. They gave it their all. They played every play like it was the last play they'll ever play. I'm sure Jazz was proud. At the end of the game, as we in the stands went nuts - the team came over and just kind of basked in the glory a bit - shared the joy with us. Then some of them went down the lines of fans who had crowded against the fence and they shook and slapped hands with the fans. After getting the MVP trophy, Dixon came back to the fence to share it with the team. As we exited the stadium, I took great pleasure in stomping on a sign someone had abandoned. It said "I love the SEC." Good for them. I love the Big East. I don't think the South Carolina fans will ever make the mistake of underestimating a Big East team again.
On the way home, we were on the same flight as some of the players. We thanked them for the good game and the good season. In turn, we were thanked for our support. I'm proud to be a Husky fan. Damn proud.

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