Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happiness is....

....a warm blanket. I'm sure that's what Boomer would say if he could talk. Not that I don't love a warm blanket too - but Boomer - oh let me tell you. The dog is spoiled. I'll admit that right off. He likes to be warm. At night, we put a blanket on him to sleep. Well, as he tosses and turns during the night, it will fall off. Without opposable thumbs, he can't exactly get it back on himself. So, what's a dog to do? He gets up from his bed (which is on A's side of our bed), comes around to my side of the bed and puts his chin on the side of the bed. He keeps doing that - without a sound usually - until I get up from bed - then he quickly walks back to his bed, sits there until I put the blanket on him, then promptly curls up and goes back to sleep. Is he spoiled or what! He is ultra-cute though, so I don't altogether mind. I just wish he would try to wake up the human on his side of the bed first sometimes!

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