Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just Random Thoughts

* I love fall. It's starting to feel fall-ish. Walking the dog this morning in the crisp air was so nice. I could go for this kind of weather year round, with maybe a few really hot summer weeks thrown in.
* I saw this guy out jogging the other day. He looked like he was in the 70s. Not age - but the decade. He is older though. He had on too-short shorts, a singlet with a reflective strip on it, and a headband. I was not rude. I did not fall to the ground convulsing in laughter.
* I wish I knew why Boomer shed so much after having a bath.
* I had a dream Tuesday night that I had a baby. A newborn, it may have been premature. Towards the end of my dream, it was no longer a baby, but a puppy. Think the cosmos is trying to tell me something?
* I'm hoping to have back stairs in the next week or so. I'm hoping to have grass in the backyard again too.
* The picnic table that seemed a good idea when my in-laws offered to get us one no longer seems so great. It would fit on the patio, but doesn't really go along with our patio vision.
* If you don't want to get tacky gifts at your wedding, register. While we did get the boss a nice gift, he will have to find it amongst the tackines we plan to pack it in.
* I think that I am addicted to lifesavers.
* I have given up on trying to keep a neat office.
* My audit starts next week. On one level, I know that I have a lot of stuff ready for them, that I'm in good shape, but on the level of the kid still in school and afraid of authority, I fell like I haven't got enough done yet.
* I really hate the way our legal system works sometimes - just sue someone because they'll probably settle even though you are not deserving because settling is cheaper than going to court.
* That dream from Tuesday really has me bothered. It brought up such longings. It was so real. Not fair!
* I just found that Malabrigo has a machine washable worsted weight yarn. Yay!


Erin said...

MMmmmm Malabrigo!

loribeth said...

I have no idea what Malabrigio is, but if it makes you happy, go for it! ; )