Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happiness is....

...a side-view mirror.  Yes, you read that right.  Happiness is a side-view mirror.  To be specific, the driver's side mirror.  See - the week before last was bad.  There were the annoying auditors, there was the short staffing and then there was Mom being sick.  The crowning moment was when, as I approached Rentschler Stadium in East Hartford, I tried to cut between lanes a little too quickly and nailed a traffic cone.  Said cone went bounced back up against the back of my mirror, knocking off the cover, then came around the front to smash the glass and knock the mirror loose, just for good measure.  So, since then I've been driving without a side-view mirror on my side.  That is not fun, let me tell you.  The worst was driving home from a golf tournament on Monday on a less-than-well-traveled highway, in the dark, with no driver's side mirror and no cell phone.  Dummy me had left the cell phone home without realizing it.  So, the replacement arrived last night and A, being the wonderful husband he is, went right outside and put the new mirror and cover on.  All is well again.

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