Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good neighbors, bad neighbors

I have some really good neighbors.  No, make that great neighbors.  With A laid up with hernia surgery, followed by pneumonia, I've got snow removal duty.  After another whopping storm last night, I got some help from the neighbors.  While I was clearing the back half of our driveway, one neighbor cleared off the bottom half and another did the sidewalk and the walk to our house.  Usually, when A is not working, he would be out there with these guys helping out the various neighbors who don't own snowblowers or who are at work.  It's one of the things I love about our neighborhood.
But then, there are the bad neighbors.  The ones who are inconsiderate.  The ones who shovel out their car and leave the snow in a big pile out in the middle of the street, making it hard for other people to get in their driveways.  Yup, we have bad neighbors too.

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Sarah said...

I love great neighbors! Hope A is feeling better soon!