Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happiness is....

...that today is not yesterday!  Seriously - yesterday was crazy hectic.  Way too much going on at work.  Some stressful.  I was here until almost 10 with meetings.  But - I managed it all.  I got everything that needed to be done - or at least could be done accomplished.  When yesterday was done and I finally got home to my husband and the Boom Doggie, the only thing that would have been better was if there was a nice cold bottle of Bailey's in the fridge.  I had to make do with wine.  Now, some of yesterday's mad rush has left me with a boatload to do today and tomorrow - but it definitely won't be as hectic.  And best of all - it's hump day!  WOOHOO!  Halfway to Friday!  And, I'm going to the gym after work.  I've been a slacker in the fitness department and the pants are getting tight, so back to the gym it is. 

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