Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As expected, I'm up

I expected to be up a couple of pounds after my week away, and I am.  Weird thing though, when I weighed myself on Sunday, I was only up a pound.  Could I really have added a pound since Sunday morning?  I suppose it could be the weirdness of water weight.  Anyway, I did indulge while away.  My biggest indulgence was alcohol.  If I drink more than 1 glass of anything a week, that's unusual for me.  Last week, I was drinking every night.  I did limit myself one night - because the line for the bathroom was so long!  I did get some exercise in.  Instead of cabbing it from the airport to the hotel, I took the L, then walked.  I got more exercise going in than I planned, as I turned the wrong way twice and walked probably 24 extra blocks in the hot Chicago sun.  I also hit the gym one day and walked a good mile one night with colleagues to see someone back to their hotel safely.  I had larger meals than normal, but did not eat in-between meals, which helped keep the gain to a minimum.  So, after all that, I do not regret what led to my gain this week.  I know I will get it back off, I'm back on the wagon.

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Jen said...

Sorry to hear the scale went up, but it so sounds like it was worth it. I am up and down as well and have had a long weekend of eating things I really shouldn't but my father-in-law is visiting and had a cookout with lots of people stopping by and bringing food...it was so hard. He leaves tomorrow so I will get back on track.