Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Photos

Lots of pictures of the garden - and there are more to come in the future.  And, of course, Boomer.
 These are two rose bushes that I transplanted when we had the driveway done.  They are surviving and blooming.  Yay!
 I'm not sure what this is, but I liked the orange blossom.

 I could do a whole study on this plant.  It's an ecinachea, aka coneflower - and the colors are great.

 A new garden area we created.  We got rid of some Rose of Sharon bushes.  The middle plant is a lamb's ear.  I love it!  Soft and pretty.

 Another addition last summer - decorative grass - that "bloomed" for the first time this summer.

 I love the changing colors on my hydrangea.
And - who else rounding up the photos but the Boom Doggie!


Kellie said...

Love your pictures...especially Boomer!!

Mali said...

Makes me wistful for summer. Seems all my northern friends are photographing flowers this summer!

Beautiful photos - and I love the hydrangea. We have one the same colour, and they're a flower I grew up with.