Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BTW, I gained weight on vacation

And the title is the only thing in this post about my diet.  Today, I'm whining.  My husband had occasion yesterday to chat with some of my fellow town employees - a couple of cops.  Now, my relationship with the cops is not always the best - it's a management v union kind of thing.  They distrust management in general.  I have forged some good relationships, but there's always a little wariness on their part.  And, as with any department, sometimes I'm the one who wields the hammer - who says no, you can't do that.  Sometimes I'm nice about it.  Sometimes I can't be nice about it.  Sometimes, even though I am nice about it, I'm branded a bitch.  I don't enjoy that.  So, why this discussion?  Yesterday, my husband bonded with the cops over my being a bitch.  Yup.  That's what he did.  Told them how they might get it at work from me - but he gets it full force at home.  Yup.  That's what he said.  He thought it was funny. He even went on about how another employee will get something done for me either when he wants me to do something in return or when I go all out bitch on him.  How nice that my husband has bonded with the cops.  How nice that he has cemented my bitch reputation.  I was stunned last night when he related this to me.  I don't think he gets what he's done to me.  I should have addressed it with him right then, but I think I was too stunned to realize the full implication.  Now, I just want to cry.  I don't know how to undo what he did.  I don't know how to not care.
And then there's more.  He's always trying to convince me that I'm hot and sexy.  I'm glad he thinks I am.  I do see myself in the mirror and know that I can look good, but I am also realistic about myself.  So the latest thing to convince me of my hotness is to tell me that my number is up to 8.  What number you ask?  The number of guys in his firehouse that would ....um....well.....I'll just use his words.... that would want to fuck me if he died.  Over 5 is apparently a very good number.  I know that I should be flattered - but I'm sitting here thinking ewwwwwww - how do I face that group now, knowing that I've been discussed in that way.  At least I don't know which 8.  But seriously?  Guys talk about that at the firehouse?  What is up with that!  He's proud.  I'm skeeved.
And so it goes.  I just had to get that all out. 


Aims said...

Men. So clueless.

AlwaysJoy said...

Ohhh Kate!
I feel it... Sometimes Jim just relays to me stupid things he's talked about me with me and I'm like ummm asshat I'm your wife keep it!