Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still here

I've been a little busy, so haven't gotten to blogging lately.  I have done my weigh ins.  I was up a little last week, back down again this week.  That's an achievement actually - considering all the parties and dining out that I did this past week.  A 4th of July picnic, lunch and dinner out on Friday, picnic on Saturday - complete with Sangria and moonshine, plus some birthdays at work - it could have been bad!  But it wasn't.  But now, I'm headed up to the Cape for a week or so on Friday.  That can be dangerous.  I get out of my normal eating routines and tend to drink a glass of wine every night.  I do expect that I will get more exercise, but I think I need to watch it on the wine consumption.  And I need to plan for healthy meals and limit snacking.


Jen said...

Have a great time and enjoy yourself. We absolutely love the Cape (we were there in late May) and we are actually thinking of purchasing a place in the next 5 years as a vacation home/retirement because we love it so much. I have to get back to blogging more regularly as well. Have so much swirling in my head right now.

Brenna said...

The drinking is killing me! And it's beer. I go down 2, up 1.5, down 1.8 etc. But it's summer, I have flowy dresses and I'm trying to have a good time (without getting crazy off track.) Good luck!