Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Most of us will go on about our daily lives today, taking a moment to remember.  To remember the innocents who were murdered.  To remember those who fought to save them, and in doing so died along side them.  Remember also those who came after.  Those who searched for survivors.  Those who worked to bring their brothers home.  Those who toiled upon the pile to bring closure to the families of the victims.  We don't know the effects of that work, those months on the pile, what that did to them psychologically, what it did to them physically.   Take a moment today to remember them all. 


Some things can not be adequately expressed, yet cry desperately to be told
told to those you know and love
to those you meet in passing
told to the children of today
and to those who are yet unborn
You need to tell them what you saw that day
And make them see....
the ones who fought with hand and axe
and took the stairs by twos,
who looked into the face of death
and stayed its hand,
if only for a moment,
with a calm ferocity of spirit
the ones in uniform and those without
who vanished in the coming of a madman's dream
the fatherless...the motherless...the childless who remain to mourn them
Tell them of the great heart of a great people
And let them ask, and let them hear your answers.
To our friends and colleagues at the New York City Fire Department
To the men and women of the Police Department and emergency medical services
To all who have sacrificed and those who will.
We will tell your stories.
We will remember.


Jen said...

I didn't know anyone personally who was involved in 9/11, but my heart breaks every year at this time for those who lost their lives and for the families, but also for those who fought so hard to help that day. Last night I watch a show called 9/11 Emergency which showcased emergency personnel who were there that day and what they saw and went thru...God Bless. My prayers and thoughts are with all today.

AlwaysJoy said...

I woke up this morning and my first thought was "it's a cool crisp day just like THAT day"

loribeth said...

What a gorgeous poem. Thank you for sharing.

Kate B said...

Loribeth, that poem was published in Pensions & investments magazine shortly after 9/11/01. It really hit home with me. I don't know who wrote it, it was part of an ad taken out by a money management firm. I have it posted on the wall in my office. I think it is just beautiful.