Friday, September 21, 2012

To frog or not to frog

I think I'm going to frog.  For the non-knitters - that means to basically undo my project.  Sometimes it means just going back a few stitches or a few rows.  In this instance, I think I'm frogging the whole project.  I like the yarn.  I like the pattern.  I like them together.  What I don't like is the gauge at which I'm knitting it.  I started this project a couple of years ago when I first took up knitting again - and took it up seriously.  I still had a lot to learn - not that I don't still have a lot to learn - but I know a lot more know than I did some 3 years ago when I started this project.  (Note - I just went and looked at my project page on ravelry and I started it almost 3 years ago to the day.)  So, it's been sitting there, I decided to take it back up again.  It's a wrap I started for my mother-in-law.  I put it aside when I realized that I could not finish all the projects I had planned for Christmas, so some things had to be back-burnered.  It was a long burner!  Anyway - here's what I have learned - if you substitute a different weight yarn in a pattern, you may want to increase the needle size accordingly.  This pattern called for fingering weight yarn.  I decided to use DK weight.  Thing is, I used the needle size recommended in the pattern, bur remember the pattern is for fingering weight yarn.  I should have increased the size of my needle.  The gauge at which this is knitting up will not get me the nice airy effect of the lace pattern that I would like.  So, I'm going to frog this.  The next real question is do I re-knit with a larger size needle or do I put the yarn towards another project.  Last Christmas, my MIL showed me a shrug she had and asked me if I could knit her another one like it.  The one she has is a very simple rectangle, just seamed to create armholes.  So, I think my best bet is to go forward and knit her the shrug she requested.  If I can reuse this DK yarn for that - cool, it's a color I know she likes.  Otherwise, I will set this yarn aside and decide what to do with it that later and just get some other lovely yarn for the shrug.


Erin said...

I kind of sort of got into a practice of frogging anything that was just hanging on the needles after the first of the year. The idea is that I either have to pick it up and finish it or frog it and start fresh with the new year.

Isn't it funny how much easier it gets to frog something after a few years! I wanted to cry the first time.

Tricia said...

Frogging is liberating sometimes! I had to make the decision this weekend on a sweater I am knitting but I think I am going to keep knitting. I may just need to lose 5 lbs to get into it!