Friday, May 10, 2013

Annual Hibernation Day

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday.  It can be a hard day for women who wanted to be mothers and aren't.  I have learned that hibernation is often the best way to deal with the day.  So many people wish "Happy Mother's Day" to every female that has reached child bearing age.  I guess they figure it's safer that way.  They don't mean to hurt those of us who aren't mothers, but it can hurt quite a bit.  I had thought this year that I might go to the gym - safe enough really.  But, just a few minutes ago here at work, someone wished everyone in our office a Happy Mother's Day - then came back and asked me "Kate, do you have kids?"  Now, I sit here, ready to cry.  Unable to finish the banana I just started, unable to think about much else but hibernating on Sunday.  If I venture out - I may not have any issues.  I may be in a mental frame of mind ready to deal with anything - but I know it's safer to plan for the worst.  I have a lot of knitting to do and the house could use a cleaning, so I think that's where I'll be.


loribeth said...

Yep. :p I have found avoidance to be my coping strategy of choice too. Sometimes we hide out in the dark at the movies... perhaps "The Great Gatsby" this weekend. Hang in there, it will soon be over for another year...!

AlwaysJoy said...

It so confuses me wishing everyone a happy Mother's Day - I wish it to a very small number of people my mom my grand mom and my sisters and most importantly (now that mom is gone) my god mother - I don't even wish my mother in law a happy Mother's Day... She didn't raise or shape me. I'm sorry! I hope you have a great day knitting. As for me I'll be making a brunch for my in laws and then visiting my father in the nursing home (it's their anniversary Sunday)

Jen said...

I stayed in for the day and did stuff around the house. Logged onto facebook a bunch of times during the day and saw many Mother's Day posts from friends and family. It was ok this year, better than previous years. I believe in protecting oneself - do what helps you to get thru the day. I thought more about my Mom and missing her than myself this year. I don't get why people just assume every is a Mother. I was thankful not to have encountered that this year.