Monday, May 06, 2013

The middle finger's other uses

There are more things that the middle finger does than just flip someone off.  I learned this when I sprained mine over the weekend.  It was a gardening mishap.  I was moving some daylilies to try and pull out the onion grass there when a big fat bumblebee came flying out.  In my haste to escape the dangerous bee (I am very, very, very afraid of bees), I managed to sprain my left middle finger.  Gripping doorknobs is not easy.  Griping my fork to anchor my meat so I could cut it was paintul.  I found that lifting some things - like my ipad - are impacted by the pain.  Worst seems to be hooking my bra - I'm not sure what role exactly the middle finger plays in that, but it hurts to do it.  Fortunately, it does not impede my knitting.  And fortunately, or not, I can still flip someone off - with the other hand.

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Brenna said...

That's an impressive bee escape injury.