Tuesday, May 07, 2013

knitting update

Trying to post some pictures here.  This is my St Enda, an aran sweater.  I'm very happy with it.  The yarn is soft and warm.  I like the cables - first time I did a closed end cable.  Very cool.  I really enjoy cabling.

Here's a hat I did with some leftovers, sent to my sister who loves to wear hats.  I wish the picture wasn't so washed out - they are great colors.

I think that's up to date for finished projects.  Working on a few right now, planning the next ones.


Anonymous said...

I love the sweater! I've tried to do cables a little bit and they haven't turned out right. I'll keep trying. The hat is cute as well. Love seeing the pictures of both the pup and your knitting.

Brenna said...

Oh the color on that sweater is gorgeous! And the work looks so complex. Beautiful.