Friday, October 26, 2007

Friends are amazing

I've had the opportunity in the last two days to see friendship at work in two amazing ways.
First - my friends. After my last post, I have received several supportive e-mails from friends. Some of these friends I've never actually met "in real life" as they say. They are women that post on the same board I do and who have shared similar experiences. I can not begin to express what their support and friendship means to me. Thank you ladies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing women. I am blessed to know you.

The second opportunity was with my husband and his friends - firemen of course. A got a call last night saying that his friend PK was missing. PK is a reliable guy. He left his local volley house to go to his job as captain of a boat early yesterday morning. He was to be present at a dinner his boss was hosting on the boat that night. The boss called the firehouse looking for him. PK wasn't there. The guys mobilized. One went to the marina locally to hunt for him. A & another guy went off to a marina he worked at in a nearby city. They were calling his cell phone regularly, driving around town looking for him. They even had me call the cops to see if he was sitting in the police station. It was scary - but amazing to see how these men got together and said - our friend is missing, we're going to do whatever we can to find him. They found him later in the evening. He's okay.

So - friends are amazing. Thank God for them.

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