Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Love....

...my husband. I'm not one for thinking that there is a grand life plan someone made up for me - but in this instance I might be persauded. We fit together so well. I can't imagine anyone else being the right match for me. When it all came together, it was just so right and I knew it from the start. It must have been a grand plan. Thank you to the planner!

....my dog. How could I not love that little face! He's 70 pounds of love. Seeing his tail wag, or hearing it thump against the floor is such a happy thing. Even when he's a pita, I love him.

....fall. The air is so crisp and clean. It's football season. The leaves on the trees are turning beautiful colors. I even love fall clothing.

....the Yankees, the Giants and UCONN. Go teams Go.

....chocolate. No explanation needed I should think.

....my dining room. I just love the colors we chose, the furniture. (Well okay maybe not the bookcase, but that won't be there forever.)

....my life. Sure, it's not perfect - but it's damn good.

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